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Turbocharge sales & profits of sales team and your organisation by helping your buyers to buy

We can help manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and distributors of capital equipment and technology companies to sell their products and services by giving prospective buyers a funding option to spread the cost so that they can pay from future revenue as they use your equipment.

Do not lose a sale if the customer can’t afford to pay upfront for your goods or services. Lack of Capital budget will no longer mean lost opportunity because repayments will come from future revenue budgets.

In larger organisations customers can often authorise a revenue expense (OPEX), but not a capital purchase (CAPEX). As a separate funding facility this will leave their existing credit lines intact.

Use finance to close a deal – “Will you be paying outright, or should I arrange a funding facility?”

Help your clients to buy from you.


IT Vendors - Your clients and prospects need to upgrade IT Infrastructure every 3-5 years – Could be IT Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Networks, Mobile Solutions, CyberSecurity solutions.


Commercial Motor sellers – Haulage, Supply Chain & Logistics, Parcel Delivery companies need to upgrade fleets of HGVs like trucks, vans, articulated lorry, horseboxes, refrigerated trucks, emergency vehicles, buses, tankers or even delivery drones on an ongoing basis.


Capital Equipment sellers – if you are a manufacturer or dealer supplying material handling equipment, robotics, filling machines, conveyors and digestion systems, turbines, engines, pumps, compressors, catering equipment, injection moulding machines, HVAC, etc to clients in a number of industry sectors


Farm Equipment sellers – your customers might need funds to buy Tractors, Combines, Harvesters, Sprayers, Balers, MoCo, Utility Vehicle, Frontloaders



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