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Prenar Finance

your go-to source for funding requirements

Prenar Finance

Your Go-To for Funding Needs

Funding UK Business

Money is the lifeblood of business. Do you need a business loan urgently?

Who we are?

We specialize in assisting a range of businesses, including Limited Companies, Partnerships, LLPs, and Sole Traders. In a dynamic financial environment, our expertise helps you choose tailored and most beneficial business loan solution with confidence. Our comprehensive market approach offers a one-stop solution for all your financial needs.

Our proficient and seasoned team are duly authorized and accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority. We’re here to optimize your cash flow by spreading asset and project costs across their economic lifespan, aligning payments with future revenues.

Business Loans

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Mortgages are designed for individuals and organizations acquiring business properties or investment property portfolios.

Asset Finance

Just as you wouldn’t pay your staff three years in advance, why pay for new income-producing assets upfront?

Bridging Finance

Bridging loans offer short-term funding, bridging gaps in property transactions between debts coming due and the availability of main credit lines.

Unsecured Loans

We provide unsecured loans to Small and Medium Businesses that can be used for virtually any business purpose to aid stability, business development and expansion.

Invoice Financing

Also known as Invoice Discounting or Factoring this facility allows you to raise invoices as soon as goods or services are provided, even if customers take 30 days or more to pay. 

Merchant Cash Advance

Small businesses often face challenges like broken coffee maker in the coffee shop, AC that stops working, fluctuating revenue, unexpected costs, or the need for quick inventory investments.

Business Sectors

Commercial Real Estate

Hospitality Industry

Healthcare Industry

Law Practices

Transport & Logistics

Manufacturing Business Loans

Retail Industry


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